Periyar Anytime Snacks

Periyar spoils you for a choice of delicious, anytime snacks. Each one competing with the other for taste. Pick from our menu of over 20 exquisite snacks!

Periyar Flours & Powders

High-quality Flours & Powders are central to great cooking. Check out our menu of 25-odd Flours and Powders that will delight your guests everytime!

Periyar Rice Items

Top quality Specialty Rice varieties are hard to come by. With the Periyar Brand though, what you buy is best of breed Rice varieties specially cultivated to delight you!

Periyar Spicy Masalas

Masalas are age-old combinations of spices in a secret, proportionate mixture. Periyar Spicy Masalas are the right Spices in the right proportions, that will wow you everytime!

Periyar Sumptuous Payasams

No occasion is complete without a feast and no feast is complete without a delicious Payasam. (Kheer). Check out our range of timeless, popular, authentic Sumptuous Payasams!

Periyar Tangy Pickles

Every meal is enhanced by a Tangy, Hot Pickle. Our Chefs, knowing this very well, bring you some of the most popular Pickles you can buy! Now your simplest meal is unforgettable!