RELIABLE Processes and Equipment ensure that our Products are of the highest quality, while our Expert Chefs ensure that our products are authentic!

At Periyar, we blend modern Quality and Processing with traditional secrets of identifying the right ingredients, preserving their taste and mixing the right ingredients in the right proportions, to create absolutely authentic taste. Reliability is thus a major cornerstone for us at Periyar!

Inspired by the great River Periyar, we continuously check and correct our manufacturing processes, ensure that our equipment is in perfect condition and, at the same time, expand our line of traditional offerings, so as to give life to Indian communities living abroad!

As a result, you will be greeted with the best Food when you open our Flours and Powders, our Spicy Masalas are exactly what they are supposed to be, our Tangy Pickles take you way back to grandma’s home, our Anytime Snacks remind you of mom’s cooking and our Whole Spices are the best money can buy!